Advice From a 90-Year-Old Man

Advice From a 90-Year-Old ManLooking for a bit of homespun philosophy, including tried-and-true financial advice? Advice From a 90-Year-Old Man fits the bill.

It’s my father’s memoir, and, frankly, the parts I enjoyed the most were the stories about his growing up during the Depression in Carteret, N.J.

One day, when I was seven or eight years old, we were playing “I dare you to sled over the ice hole!” The hole was small, and it was no problem, until one boy started to chop the hole bigger. We couldn’t quit now! So we all ran and sledded fast over the bigger hole. Then the hole in the ice got pretty big. Everybody was teasing everybody else to try the larger hole. So yours truly said, “I’ll give it a try!” I ran fast with my sled, dove on it, came up to the hole, and the sled and I just went right in — under the ice. It happened so fast. I remember being scared, cold, shocked and determined to do two things. First, don’t breathe! Second, don’t let go of the family sled!

You could collect a set of dishes just by going to the movie back in the 1930s. My grandmother liked those giveaways. But she didn’t like it when my grandfather, just for a laugh, dropped and broke a dish during the tensest part of a movie.

There’s advice about the importance of saving … how to have a happy marriage … some golfing tips … and some favorite jokes.

Advice From a 90-Year-Old Man comes in a Kindle edition, too.

Both versions were published under the imprint Improverbial Books.

Peter Mucha

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